Our Story

From the Founder (Auja Little)

My frustration with the lack of diversity in beauty products on retail shelves led me to the web. Online, I found hundreds of independent brands that met my needs and finally, my narrative was at the center of the story. I felt empowered each time I discovered a new product with a clean formulation from a founder who looked like me - it was like scanning the sand with a metal detector and hitting gold.

Here was a treasure trove of diverse and inclusive beauty, yet somehow the retailers I patronized were still failing me. The pipeline has never been the problem - the limited opportunities that exist for discovering new beauty are. The right brand for all of us exists out there. We just have to find it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

That's why I founded Beautyocracy. Beauty is better when it's diverse, inclusive, clean, and simple. We're curating a marketplace that will improve the beauty retail experience for all women and we want to see smaller brands thrive and scale. We're here as a partner to early stage independent brands who want to grow with a retailer who truly cares about both sides of the equation. I can't wait to introduce you to some amazing products!


Who We Are

Beautyocracy is a marketplace for discovering indie beauty from diverse entrepreneurs from across the globe. We help women – in particular, women of color - shop a curated selection of vetted up-and-coming independent brands and create better beauty routines. 

We want to fill a gap in retail to help independent beauty brands flourish and scale in a competitive landscape. And, we want to reinforce - to the market and to consumers - that women of color are and always have been important members of the beauty community and valuable consumers.

Our intentional focus on intersectionality means we’re uniquely positioned to authentically cater to a wide range of women and source the best indie brands to meet their varying needs. Because we believe beauty is better when it's diverse, inclusive, clean, and simple.